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Work from home challenges and their contemporary solution

July 24, 2020
Work from home challenges and their contemporary solution

Work from home is currently in place for the selected few sectors that can make it work. As the retail and services sector suffer and result in mass unemployment, white-collar employees work from the comfort of their homes.
Covid-19 is still on the rise. With barely 20% of the global population experiencing it. At this pace, it may take another six months for things to get better. In the meantime, work from home has started to show that everything is not that easy. Cracks have begun to appear in the client, manager, and employee relationship, all based on their homes for health and safety purposes.

Work from home challenge

Initially, working from home was being cherished as an ideal future situation, which could save businesses rent and property expenses while employees could save on traveling time and cost. But as all employees take off together, coordination issues have erupted. As employees, especially in India, move back to their family home, internet speed, electricity outages, and odd calling hours make it hard for teams to coordinate. At the same time, sensitive information leakages have risen across the globe as employees poke around the raw data and system unchecked. Work from home has resulted in a decline in productivity with no guaranteed outcome.

Employees called back

Companies like Tech Mahindra have given a call back to their employees. Regardless of where they live now, and more businesses are following their lead.

Though Tech Mahindra has a genuine reason to give a call back to its employees, this move can create resentment among employees with their managers and CEO’s, which could last post-COVID-19 phase.
Hence, having employee tracking software can help these organizations keep a tab on their employees. It also helps to trace their login and logout sessions, trace their movements, capture screenshots of their activities, and help employees with their payment and activity structure: a win-win situation for all.

Data and workplace theft are a severe issue, as mentioned in the previous blog, and hence companies need to secure themselves if they need to remain afloat. So, using such software could provide managers and team leaders more individual data on each employee, and thus workplace issues could also be reduced. Looking for a HRM solution? Take a look at the 360 degree HR Management solution.

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