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Employee Monitoring: The Need Of The Hour

May 13, 2021
A manager using employee monitoring software to view employee attendance, working hours, productivity and other insights.

Operational Efficiency & Employee Monitoring: How To Make It Work

Organizations across the world would’ve found themselves in a sticky soup if it weren’t for the latest technological blessing: the employee monitoring software. Thanks to this ingenious tech tool, businesses large and small are able to confidently function even if their employees are geographically displaced due to the ongoing pandemic.

Remote working or working from home has been the norm since 2020, and the trend is here to stay. Employee monitoring software has come to the rescue at the right time and enabled the seamless monitoring of employee attendance, security, proof of work hours, productivity, and assessment of employee behavior just as it was in a physical office setting.

What actually entails “employee monitoring”?

Employee monitoring is a general term that encompasses a wide range of employee activities that come under surveillance. In the pre-pandemic era (which was just over a year ago), most companies implemented various means to monitor employees who worked from offices. Companies have the legal right to keep a watchful eye on their staff through software or hardware like CCTV cameras.

Remote working has erased the lines between professional and personal work, as employees have transformed their living rooms or dining tables into makeshift offices. Employee monitoring entails:

  • Evaluation of attendance and timely completion of work.
  • Clocking of working hours.
  • Monitoring emails.
  • Monitoring employee’s social media activities during work.
  • Monitoring browsing activities during work hours.
  • Keeping tabs on visited sites and applications.
  • Summarizing productivity data.
  • Tracking the time taken to complete a particular task.
  • Tracking the movement of employees with geolocation tools.

What was once considered an invasion of privacy is now a mandatory requirement that benefits the company and the employees. But, the advantages of using employee monitoring techniques can be gained only if the platform is used in the right manner.

How To Level Up With Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring tools and software are available in a wide range of prices and feature everything that a company requires:

  • Employee attention tracking tools.
  • Web browsing and app usage tracking tools.
  • GPS tools.
  • Task collaboration tools.
  • Keylogger software.
  • Time trackers.

There is so much an organization can do with employee monitoring software and tools besides tracking work time. The software has made itself an indispensable tool that can improve the operational efficiency of the entire company tenfold when used sensibly.

Here are the better business outcomes of deploying employee monitoring software:

Thwarts operational risks.

Employee tracking software is cleverly engineered to immediately raise the red flag when an employee uses a USB drive that is not authorized. This kind of monitoring is very handy for companies that have a policy to discourage the use of unauthorized USBs by their employees. The software aids the policy, which is implemented to prevent data transfer from the company’s or the employee’s devices.

Manages Cloud-app expansion.

Large organizations are mostly dependent on more than one cloud application for their work processes, and keeping track of them all can be a daunting task. This situation can become more tricky and risky when employees start using cloud apps that aren't authorized by the company. This can lead to security breaches, loss of data, and infiltration of data privacy. Monitoring software immediately highlights the use of such cloud apps, thus prompting the management to take immediate action.

Enhancing employee productivity.

In any situation, a company must try to make the most of the resources at hand rather than invest in more. Here’s where employee monitoring software proves that they are more than just a time-tracking solution. With advanced workforce analytics capabilities, the software helps to evaluate important quantitative metrics that are tied to an organization’s procedures and workflow.

Induces positive changes.

By levelling up employee monitoring into an efficient workforce analytics program, an organization can reap immediate benefits such as cost reduction, risk mitigation, streamlining of workflow, data compliance, accountability, transparency, and improved productivity.

HRAPP’s Activity Tracker: The finest employee monitoring software in India

HRAPP offers Activity Tracker- an integrated employee monitoring software that is easy to configure, install and implement. Our platform identifies operational compliance risks, provides valuable metrics, and enables overall operational efficiency with effective tracking. Get in touch with us to know more.

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