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8 Useful Features Of Employee Time-Tracking Software

July 2, 2021
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Time-tracking tools - The best way to save time and money

Out of all the recently developed management tools, time-tracking software stands in a league of its own as a boon for organizations. These tools do a lot more than merely track employee work time. A well-designed time-tracker is an efficient solution to save money and helps you use your employee working hours in a highly productive manner.

An employee time-tracking software simplifies a host of processes in an organization. With this software, it is easier to:

  • Track working hours
  • Generate analytic reports
  • Gauge employee productivity
  • Create payrolls and bills

With so much to gain from, there is a rising demand for improvised time-tracking solutions. The market is inundated with a plethora of choices, and picking the right software can be quite overwhelming. Furthermore, it is crucial to choose a software equipped with the right features that suit your organization.

8 Must-have features of employee time-tracking software

Your employee time-tracking software is only as effective as the features it offers. Here's a list of features an effective time-tracking tool ought to have:

1. Time tracking

The fundamental purpose of every time-tracking software is to record the time employees spend completing organizational tasks every day. That includes clocking in and clocking out time, active and idle time, and even the accurate time spent browsing websites and other official applications.

Time trackers offer comprehensive insights into each employee's productivity levels. It gives a clear picture of how the person uses office hours to get work done and analyzes the cause of distractions. It is also an ingenious solution to keep an eye on expensive, time-consuming projects. With time tracking, businesses can prioritize tasks to complete projects within the stipulated budget and time.

2. Employee attendance

Regular work attendance is a discipline and responsibility. Employees who adhere to these traits always complete their work on time. Those with irregular attendance can hinder the pace of a project or ongoing tasks. The employee attendance feature helps to identify and warn these staff members right on time. Besides, it helps maintain an accurate record of attendance when hundreds of employees are monitored.

3. Project management

Effective project management is critical to complete and hand over the projects right on time to the client. The project management feature is a blessing for project managers. From assigning specific tasks to employees, organizations can track every stage of the project as it progresses towards completion. Project management helps to foster a sense of accountability, which is vital to for meeting project goals and deadlines.

4. Generating reports

Organizations thrive on analytics and reports. They offer incredible insights into employee performance against set targets. Accurate analytics help businesses decide if they want to scale up their employee numbers based on the performance of the current employees. Some reports that time tracking software can offer might include:

  • Particular tasks they have worked on.
  • Work hours and idle time for the week or month.

5. Payroll management

The automated payroll feature is an extremely handy process to keep payroll management accurate, accountable and transparent. It prevents unwanted payroll-related disputes and discrepancies as there is minimal room for error.

6. Timesheet calculation

The timesheet feature calculates the work done by every individual employee as billable hours. It is also responsible for recording the clock-in and clock-out times of every single employee. With the timesheet feature, businesses can:

  • Corroborate the work done with the billable hours
  • Simplify the invoice processing work
  • Estimate future project expenses with a timesheet database

7. Productivity calculation

An employee time-tracking software without a feature to calculate productivity may not be worth the investment. This feature gives employers a crystal clear picture of the active and idle hours in a day. Monitoring how each employee uses this time frame is not an easy task. Fortunately, the productivity calculation feature makes this possible. It can give you a comprehensive task break down that includes the following details:

  • Total work hours
  • Active and idle hours
  • Productive and non-productive hours
  • Neutral hours

Given in a graphic representation, the productivity report reveals the ups and downs of the productivity levels in an organization.

8. App integrations

The time-tracking software must be flexible enough to integrate different tools and software for easier management. Common integrations such as CRM tools, project management tools, and team collaboration software allow managements to gather insightful details. It also simplifies project management and helps implement vital strategies to maximize performance.

App integration provides a comprehensive view of the business. It sheds light on the pitfalls and hurdles affecting the progress. Without the app integration, it may be challenging for businesses to gather these valuable details and make timely rectifications.

Ensuring flexibility with mobile responsiveness and user-friendly features

The time-tracking platform of your choice should also be available as a mobile app. Consider this feature mandatory because it is the norm of the day. With businesses running round the clock, it only makes things easier to access all the details from the comfort of a smartphone. With the time-tracking mobile app, all it takes is a click to access real-time updates from any corner of the globe at any given time.

Additionally, ease of use is a must. Employees should be able to log in and log off seamlessly without any hassles. Any employee time-tracking solution that fulfills the above criteria is worth the investment.

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