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Three areas an Employee Monitoring Software helps Businesses

July 6, 2020
Three areas an Employee Monitoring Software helps Businesses

Even before pandemic hit, small businesses had been discussing the rationale behind employee monitoring software. Their concern was its cost and legality, but its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. Here are the three essential areas to review

Insider data breach

In recent years companies like Equifax have faced cyber-attacks. They have seen their customers personally identifiable information compromised (The year 2017: Reference), which resulted in global embarrassment and public relations disaster; similarly, most companies go through a similar situation. However, some of the events go unnoticed as they work in a low visibility space. According to research, more and more companies are complaining about internal data breaches by their employees.
Hence, companies give their resources as their property and lock them up so that employees only do official company business and do not export their data to an unregistered external location. Still, it now seems that this strategy is not working. So, an employee monitoring software could come in handy. It can make sure to keep track of employee's activities so that if there is an internal security breach, the company can check all employees' records and identify the culprit.

Activity Tracking and Random Screenshots

Due to Covid-19, remote working is in place in most countries, and similarly, there is a lot more concern on employee productivity. Due to no direct check, performance seems to go unchecked, and employees are not giving their optimal to the job; hence an employee monitoring software like HRAPP could be a useful tool in this regard. Providing a screenshot of their system after set intervals once they log in to work can help ensure their managers follow up on their activities and give an employee a defense on what he has been performing during business hours.

Work from home productivity using employee monitoring software

As automation continues to grow and continued work from home scenarios, cloud software like HRAPP can reduce the human resource department workload. Providing employees access to the portal to upload their documents, update their information, and keep a track record of their shifts and days off, resulting in direct calculation of their paycheck, keeping the accounts balanced.
Apart from certain countries in Europe, keeping tabs on employees isn't illegal, and now it is affordable as more and more companies start to offer this particular offering such as HRAPP for a cost of a coffee makes it useful to track employees. Such tools are an investment to make employees produce a more consistent outcome and keep employers more aware of what is going around in their department.

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