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Seven practical ways to manage a distributed workforce

July 7, 2020
Seven Practical Ways to manage a distributed workforce

Your team's ability to succeed when remotely working hinges on their use of digital tools and technology such as Distributed Workforce Management Software. Compared to earlier centralized workspaces, a distributed workforce does not get together in offices anymore. Hence, managers lose their ability to oversee the progress and punctuality of the employees and miss out on body language, non-personal communications, and nonverbal agreement. With applications like Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex meets certain deficiencies with remote workforce communication but still limits its ability on social interaction.
In recent times, Slack has come out as a champion for organized discussions. It provides a platform where updates are shared, quick polls run, events are notified and celebrated. Also, it allows for the introduction of new channels specifically made for different purposes, and all employees can stay in touch in formal and informal group chats.

Agile and adaptable approach

Due to a distributed workforce, companies are not relying on the central command structure, and hence an agile and adaptable approach should be taken. Holistic task management approaches using Kanban boards help enable transparency, exceptional ability to manage tasks, and prioritizing the right ones. It is also essential to allow workers a bit more autonomy, giving them the confidence to make the right decisions and enabling managers to focus on their core work.

Defined goals and expectations

You need to instill in them the idea that working from home does not mean working "when you want to work." Instead, it means "working when you're able to be most productive," Though comfort is a priority, it shouldn't distract them from their ability to do their job. Defining the precise set of objectives and guiding them to accomplish is an essential trait for the successful management of the distributed workforce. Not to overlook the tools such as HRAPP Distributed Workforce Management Software.

Time Tracking for a distributed workforce.

Tools like HRAPP Activity Tracker allows your employees to automatically track and report their time spent on-the-clock—meaning they will not have to spend valuable time manually filling out timesheets. Not only that, but HRAPP can help employees identify and eliminate inefficient habits, helping further with improving productivity.

Project Management integrated with Remote Workforce Management Software

Collaboration can become more comfortable with project management tools like Jira, Gitlab, Trello, and Asana, which can assist your team members to focus on the right priority and keep everyone on the same page. With HRAPP Employee Monitoring Software, there is also a possibility of integrating these project management tools by streamlining how your team manages its project tasks.

Team Management

One-on-ones and team meetings can be an excellent way to check on your employees' wellbeing and engage with them. Tools like Soapbox and Fellow can help in this regard.

Knowledge Base and Document Management Systems

Solutions like Atlassian Confluence and Helpjuice provide organizations with the ability to keep their knowledge in one centralized location allowing remote employees to access them at their convenience and enable them to collaborate.

Training & Professional Development

Lastly, a great way to keep remote employees engaged while also enabling them to progress within your organization is by delivering professional training and growth opportunities. Professional certifications from Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and EdX, can be helpful in this regard and help your employees gain relevant skills in these changing modern times.

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