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Remote working helps to maintain a sustainable world

July 24, 2020
Remote Working helps to maintain a sustainable world

According to the UN labor agency, COVID-19 could cause 195 million people to lose their jobs globally. India alone has more than 27 million people unemployed since the pandemic started. During these turbulent times, one industry has remained intact, and that’s software businesses due to remote working.

Major software houses have already adapted to remote working. They require massive outsourcing to different countries around the globe, and companies like Buffer, Zapier, and YNAB are dependent on remote employees. They have managed to perform efficiently by employing modern project management techniques.

After decades, Wuhan saw clear blue skies because their manufacturing and local traffic congestion stopped for a few weeks. Co2 emission dropped to dramatic levels, and in Italy, sea animals returned to shores when sea activity halted.

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Remote working reduces fossil fuel consumption

Employees are staying inside homes and traveling less. Road congestion has diminished, and the remaining population is now able to reach their destinations promptly. Drivers are more relaxed as they do not have to drive through such strenuous roads. 

Cities like Bangalore that are considered IT hubs have exploded three times of their size in the last four decades, shooting rent and housing prices along with stress on water supplies and other necessary services on the utility department and its inhabitants.

While working from homes, if provided excellent quality of DSL and seating arrangement, could reduce the over urbanization of cities seen commonly in Asian countries. They could bring in business opportunities for people in different towns and villages and keep the community there rather than shifting to big cities and causing an urban mess.

According to a Stanford study, 40% of workers consider impromptu meetings a work distraction, and 61% admitted that noisy colleagues are a significant work distraction. These all tend to resolve themselves when working from home, and employees can sit in their environment of choice, wear clothes they like and save traveling time and cost. Helping the environment overall

As cities see less net migration, fossil fuel-powered transportation activities decline, and more resources are devoted to the public and private sector to fund renewable forms of energy sources; it would pave the way for a more sustainable world with more and more people adapt to remote working.


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