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Remote work and its implication on the workforce.

September 21, 2020
Remote work and its implication on the workforce

It seems remote working will continue till the early quarter of the year 2021 as things are not improving.

Though remote working seemed to be a dream come true as we have covered before not all that glitters is gold.

Among the major issues discussed a significant one was technology’s involvement and our dependence on it. To make it possible for us to continue remote working, below are it's mentioned implications on the workforce.

Significance of WIFI

WIFI and stable internet connectivity is solely making it possible for us to continue remote work. Not many paid attention before but a new device is more simple and easier to handle. Compared to an old one. Hi-speed and 5G services are not available throughout the country and not all devices support them.

Simple devices like Wi-Fi extender and placing the Wi-Fi in the central location of the house or building can give maximum coverage. As more and more internet connectivity issues arise, service providers are facing a shortage at call centers and technicians. Hence self-understanding on this issue can save time and productivity.

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Sound and lights

As video calls are the new normal, it is extremely important to make sure sound and light settings are appropriate. Though not many players around with settings as calls are taking hours, it is important to optimize the available settings for the best communication possible.

For sound, many workers have started using headphone as it allows more clarity and keeps surround sound to minimal. Thus, eliminating your voice.

For zoom click the settings icon and make sure audio and mic output are set to headphones. Similarly, for Google meet there is an option on the top right corner where you can make similar adjustments.

Noise-canceling headphones

Though mostly used during traveling, noise-canceling headphones can eliminate distractions. They provide excellent sound quality, keep you focused but cost a bit more than normal headphones.

When performing remote work at home, there can be housemates or family members that keep hurting your focus. Noise-canceling headphones can reduce that distraction and help you finish your tasks and keep in touch with any work-related calls.

Music and symphonies tend to boost productivity, hence that could be used as leverage when plugged in.

Take appropriate breaks during remote work

It is important to keep a check on yourself, take breaks whenever you feel stressed out or come out from a lengthy meeting. Breaks help employees relax leading them to remain fresh and provide the quality that is expected from them.

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