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Organisation mulls policy rejigs for remote workforce 

July 31, 2020
Organisation mulls policy rejigs for remote workforce 

Over a million corona-virus cases have flared up like wildfire in different parts of India. At the moment, there seems to be no chance of slowing down. As unemployment hits over 29 million people, economic growth is expected to shrink, and there appears to be no near end to this issue. Governments around the world are struggling to maintain their economies running. Organizations are also facing difficulties to sustain and keep their productivity optimal for the remote workforce.

Remote workforce challenges

Regular travel is frowned upon and dangerous. More and more organizations are switching to remote working through sole dependence on video calls, emails, and group meetups. Initially, remote workers struggled with internet connectivity, but now different disputes and issues are emerging within organizations.

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Workers globally are complaining that remote working should be more comfortable as time is saved on travel. But due to unscheduled video calls and time difference of task submission by different colleagues', employees have complained that they have been working more than ever, especially in India, where employers do not follow the 40 hours culture. As the complaints emerge regarding employers and their expectations from the remote workforce, it started disrupting employee's routines, family time, and relaxing periods.

Though employees complain about exploitation, employers complain that workers have started taking more than usual sick leaves even though the reason is not corona. In such struggling circumstances, employees making more than usual casual breaks affect the working hours of remaining employees. 

Human resources should bridge the gap

There seems to be disagreement between employee and employer relationships due to pandemic and the new impact of the current remote working situation. Hence, human resources need to intervene and communicate with both parties regarding working hours and their timely enforcement. Because when things start to get better, these frustrated employees would be the first ones to leave for better prospects. Hence, companies are now focusing on dealing with psychological issues due to the whole remote situation as the impact of people locked inside is much more severe than thought before, which is affecting the mental state of employees and resulting in poor job performance and productivity. Hence, employers are now moving on to arrange different programs like virtual cooking, language, and music sessions to a remote workforce. And bring improvements to their monotonous routines. 

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