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Human Resource Management

November 4, 2015

Meaning of HRM

Human Resource Management in simple words stands for managing the employees of an organization.

It is the process of putting the right people to the right task thereby making maximum use of the employees' talent to achieve the desired goals.

Definition of HRM

Edwin Flippo defined HRM as

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Controlling
  • Development
  • Compensation
  • Integration
  • Maintenance

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Importance of HRM

The key functions of the Human Resource Management(HRM) team include:

1. Recruitment and Training

  • This is one of the major responsibilities of the HR team.
  • The HR Managers come up with plans and strategies for hiring the right kind of people.
  • HR team designs the criteria which are best suited for a specific job description.
  • When needed, HR also provides training to the employees according to the requirements of the organization.
  • Thus, the staff members get the opportunity to sharpen their existing skills or develop specialized skills that will help them to take up some new roles.

2. Performance Appraisals

  • HRM encourages the employees, to work according to their potential and gives them suggestions that can help them to bring improvement in it.
  • The HR team communicates with the staff individually from time to time and provides all the necessary information regarding their performance.
  • This will helps the employees to execute their goals with best possible efforts.

3. Maintaining Work Atmosphere

  • A good working condition is one of the benefits that the employee can expect from an efficient HR team.
  • A safe, clean and healthy environment can bring out the best in an employee.
  • A friendly atmosphere gives the staff members job satisfaction as well.

4. Managing Disputes

  • In an organization, there are several issues on which disputes may arise between the employees and the employers.
  • In such a scenario, the HR department which acts as a consultant to sort out those issues in an effective manner.
  • HR team first hear the problem of the employees and then come up with a suitable solution to sort them out.
  • HR can take timely action and prevent things from going out of hands.

5. Developing Public Relations

  • HRM is responsible for good public relations to build up a relationship with other business sectors.
  • HR team organizes business meetings, seminars, and various official gatherings on behalf of the company.
  • HR will build up a relationship with other business sectors.

HRM Process

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