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HRAPP V Enhancements, New features & Bug Fixes

September 19, 2019

HRAPP got a great feature for you! Relax and have a look at the feature!

We are happy to announce our HRAPP customer's, new features and upgrades coming with the feature-packed release.

"HRAPP V is Patently an impressive update, with lots of features and improvements".

"To make our application better for you, we bring updates to the HRAPP every 2 weeks. We always make an effort to get the best software and continue to make it easier to use".


Top HRM solution for efficient and smooth management of employees and payrolls. It is a complete HR management platform that helps companies build a happier and productive workforce with a suite of apps that for easy employee monitoring.


HRAPP Version- Release

GPS Turned On or Off

Many employers want to track employee location. Depending on where employees are during work, there are two ways to accomplish employee location tracking,

  1. For Office Employees
  2. For Field Employees

Location tracking for Office Employees

You can track the location of office employees to ensure they are only clocking in from the office and not from some location before they even get to work.

Location tracking for Field Employees

GPS Tracking for employees is great for field workers. There are all sorts of employees that don't work in offices that would benefit from this feature.

HRAPP enhanced the feature that the employee will enforce to enable the GPS in their mobile for attendance check-in & check-out.

To check out the feature

Employees -------> Designations -------> Attendance Enforce GeoLocation

Attendance Enforce Geo Location

By enabling Attendance Enforce Geo Location, if employees are under the particular designation will able to mark the attendance only if the GPS is turned on in their mobile.

If GPS is turned off in their mobile it will throw the below message.

GPS Turned Off
GPS Turned Off
General Fixes and Stability Improvements

Hit the 0-bugs mark? Or, more realistically, people should get excited about fixing stuff.

HRAPP has good news. The HRAPP has brought some much-needed changes and improvements.

The new HRAPP V Improvements and Bug fixes bring improved features along with bug fixes.

Following bugs are fixed -HRAPP V
  • Attendance Import
  • Tax & HRA Declaration
  • Short Time Off
  • Loan
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