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Artificial Intelligence in HR

September 5, 2018
Artificial Intelligence in HR

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the ability of a computer program or a machine to think or learn. They work on their own without being encoded with commands.

AI in HR

  • AI will surely affect a few facets of HR as good.
  • If you are an HR in any of the industry then by now you would have encountered the information referencing to impact of AI on the HR profession.
  • If you want to know more on this then this blog is a good place for you to start your search.

Future Anticipation of AI:

  • AI will have a significant impact on the essence of  HR, especially in the areas of growth of your best employee or recruiting fair talent.
  • Natural language processing(NLP) is one of the key areas in Artificial Intelligence allowing HR to use communications as data sets.
  • Predictive analytics will result in better and accurate results.
  • With loads of data available on the employees, it will become easier to predict and provide the employees with the superior learning programs enhancing their skills and productivity.
  • It will change the way professionals work.
  • This would be very similar to individual mentors for all the employees.

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Nowadays everything is just a click away.

Earlier somebody has to feed their workflow in order to make the computer understand, with the increasing number of variabilities things started getting messy and complicated.

For example, scheduling an interview for the candidate with three different managers.

Although HR professionals use different tools to work with such as scheduling it on the calendar,

but this still becomes time-consuming and difficult with multiple numbers of entries.

Artificial Intelligence meets HR:

AI Meets HR

The major driver of Artificial Intelligence’s impact on the HR industry is the enormous blooming of big data.

Till now, we have not had open doors to simple software to track and analyze employee data. (such as vacation, workflow, sick days etc.)

Today most of the organization have morphed to some degree reckoning to simple software systems.

Some of the ways where AI has significantly impacted with reference to HR

1. Application Screening
  • Presently an ample number of AI tools exist that can engage the candidate before and after they apply for a position in an organization.
  • This could include asking the candidates common relevant questions about the role.
  • These tools can also help them get first line feedback helping HR’s to assess the candidate easily.
2. Candidate Engagement
  • Once the candidate applies for the job through the career portal, it takes a while to communicate to them, leaving the candidates impatient and clueless of the situation.
  • AI can be made to make these processes automated by sending automated emails or messages keeping the candidates engaged and letting them know that the process is still on.
3. Re-Engagement
  • Unsolicited applications are often ignored after they apply or after the job application is closed.
  • AI might allow you to reconsider specific candidates determining their interest level in a role using engagement opportunity and using that opportunity to update their individual records which might have gotten updated since last time they were engaged saving a lot of time to look for new candidates or applications.
4. Follow-ups
  • When the company hands over the offer letter to the candidate it normally takes some time for them to join depending upon their notice period.
  • During this time some of the candidates turn up and some don’t.
  • AI can be helpful in engaging and following up such candidates to increase the chances of their joining.
5. Onboarding
  • Once the candidate joins, they have to go through the company orientation program lead by HR, introducing them to the company, company’s culture, policies, and processes.
  • AI could be the answer to this, providing new candidates with information and resources.
6. Employee Training
  • Employees need time to time customized training and learning which is not always provided by the boss.
  • AI provides the desired training and path information to each and every employee being a mentor.
7. ERM (Employee Relationship Management)
  • Most of the employees in your organization have queries that are resolved by HR.
  • These queries are sometimes easy such as leave policy, bonus, payments, but sometimes these queries get complicate and might require a conversation with the HR manager.
  • AI could then be used in the form of chat, virtual room or email and if the question gets complicate then booking a meeting between HR and the employee.

Artificial Intelligence in the Human Resources Industry is in charge of many functions for growing companies--especially recruiting, hiring, and benefits management.

So there is no uncertainty that for the HR industry,

AI provides excellent cost reduction and efficiency.

AI reaches its tipping point, the opportunity for HR professionals will be humongous.

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