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Five Benefits of remote working for businesses

July 7, 2020
Five Benefits of remote working for businesses

In recent months work from home has become the new norm. To prevent pandemic that is COVID-19 and for hyper urbanization relief, the trend seems to be setting in the culture entirely. Even before the epidemic hit, companies like Twitter already focused on supporting distributed
workforce as the concentration in their HQ of San Francisco was not able to accommodate all employees, and the rents and parking space were starting to become costly.
This blog hence looks at the positive impacts of remote working. Sourced from different backgrounds like Gallup polls, Harvard and Stanford University statistics and other credible sources, they have highlighted 5 improvements due to teleworking

  • Based on the research, the productivity of teleworkers improved by 35-40% than earlier and delivery output rose by a minimum of 4.
  • Being away from office space gives workers more autonomy, which resulted in better job performance with a sizeable fall of 40% in the quality of defects.
  • A significant reason for teleworkers' improved engagement is they are not working in a typical office environment where their boss talks down on them and reduces absenteeism. Workers are more confident; their self-confidence remains intact, which results in higher productivity and more robust engagement coupled along the other two advantages mentioned below.
  • Retention of employees has improved as their working conditions become more favorable to their demands in remote working setup. They now save time taken and cost on travel to their offices and have improved work-life balance.
  • Profitability — Organizations save an average of $11,000 per year per part-time teleworkers or 21% in higher profitability through rents and fixtures.

Though managers and employers are more interested in seeing their staff's presence, research is now contradicting their interests. They need to focus on the efficiency and output of their employees rather than holding traditional human resource objectives. With the latest technology, they reduce human resource staff altogether thanks to the fewer team in the workplace. Adopting Human resource management tools like HRAPP for employee monitoring, payment plans, and entry and exit timings all in one system makes it very efficient for the businesses. Moreover, they are relieving the management to wait on human resources to update them, resulting in a more direct approach between managers and employees.

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