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Employee Monitoring User Onboarding Flow

October 1, 2020

👉 STEP 1

You should have received an invite from your manager or admin to verify your email address. Please click “Verify Email” or copy/paste the link provided in your browser

Note: Please make sure you are completing the verification in the first try. You cannot reuse the link again after your first try. Err is human, You do not need to panic, request your manager to resend the invitation for a new link to verify your email address


👉 STEP 2

Post verification, you will have to set a password. Have a strong password and keep it in a safe place. You can use the same credentials to login to your desktop application




👉 STEP 3

Now you will be taken to the onboarding screens where you will have the installation/upgrade video for you to watch. Please watch the video, as it would help you to get clarity on what you are going to do next.



👉 STEP 4

Now you are ready to download the app and start tracking. Please review the option below in the screen and download the installable based on your operating system


👉 STEP 5

For Windows 10 (64 bit), you can download it from Microsoft App Store directly. The download button takes you there. In case you have other windows variant, please talk to your admin to get in touch with the platform team for a custom build link

(For Linux, we support Ubuntu, Mint, and CentOS.)



👉 STEP 6

When you install the app, you should have administrator rights to install the software.



👉 STEP 7

After installation, you can see the app in the start menu in windows and in your GNOME Panel in Linux


👉 STEP 8

Launch the app and get started


👉 STEP 9

Enter the registered domain. (You can check with your administrator for details, but you should be knowing now as you registered already in step 3.)


👉 STEP 10

Choose the email signing method and enter the credentials you have setup during step 2. Complete the signing process


👉 STEP 11

Now you are ready to start tracking


👉 STEP 12

Now you can check out the screenshots and apps & URLs.


Learn more about the employee monitoring software and how it can assist you with time tracking during the new remote work norm. Also, take a look at our 360 degree HR Management solution.

🙂 Thank You

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