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Employee Monitoring Software: A trend and tool that’s here to stay

In a time and era where technology is paving the way for new trends, it comes as no surprise that everyone wants to use employee monitoring software. The reasons may vary. Companies may want to track the time taken to complete a project, or to limit employees from distractions, especially at a time when most people are working from home. Or they may want to keep track of where and how the company’s resources are being spent. 

Or they may simply want to be in sync with the changing trend. Whatever the reason, employee monitoring is being implemented in all kinds of organizations, irrespective of how big or small they are. 

Unless it proves to be beneficial, a software or tech trend will not be welcomed with open arms. Using computer software to track employee performance is now seen as a strategy to take the company on the right track. Before we analyze what the advantages of this new software are, we need to know why companies ought to choose it.

Reasons why businesses need employee monitoring software

  • Keeping an eye on performance and productivity.

Employee tracking software is designed with an activity tracker, time tracker, and other useful features that help to keep an account of employee holidays, paid leave, employee information, etc. Organizations can choose to use features that align with their core functions. Tracking work attendance and the amount of time dedicated to each assignment gives stats about the time taken for the completion of a whole project.

  • Providing accountability for clients

When businesses work simultaneously with multiple clients on multiple projects, they need software that will give them accurate details to ensure the accountability of the team. Clients can gain access to details about how far their projects have progressed and if the team is meeting the deadlines. The software is also proof of all the billable hours the team has put into the project. 

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  • Optimization of workflow

With employee tracking software at their disposal, organizations have the advantage to optimize their business processes. It becomes easy to identify and eliminate redundant processes that are a waste of time and money. Furthermore, it facilitates the easy generation of analysis reports that can be revamped for better efficiency. 

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  • Gives work and salary details

One of the most important uses of the tracking software is that it gives proper proof of work and salary details, thus ensuring fair pay for the employees.

Benefits of implementing employee tracking software

Illustration depicting how employee monitoring kills employee trust and confidence

Focussed work

Employee tracking software may seem a little intrusive, but in reality, it effectively cuts down on all the unwanted distractions that employees may waste their time on. It also allows us to see the kind of distractions that are hindering work.

Pinpointing problems

With the time tracking feature, the software makes it possible to figure out what tasks are the most challenging for employees. They may require more training in that particular task, or they may be better suited for something else. This effective diagnosis enhances productivity and gets things done on time.

Safeguards from cyberattacks

Employee monitoring software is most helpful when it comes to cybersecurity. It sheds light on cyber attacks that can be controlled by remote hackers who are trying to gain sensitive information from an employee’s work account. It also prevents and notifies any unauthorised attempt to access data from an employee.

Compliance with the law

Companies must have the written consent of all employees to monitor their devices. It is against the law to monitor them without their knowledge and outside working hours. In India, it is mandatory to follow the set rules for implementing employee tracking software. 

Employees must be well-informed of the process and the benefits of bringing monitoring their work with software. They must be informed about the various features and how they will work. This will make wary employees trust the process and see the true benefits for themselves.

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