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Employee Time Tracking Software: Power that comes with responsibility

From installing cameras in every nook and corner of the office to having phones tapped, employee monitoring has been trending for quite a while, especially for organisations in India that function in a big office with a big number of employees. 

The trend has now made a giant leap, thanks to employee monitoring software that allows employers to monitor every aspect of work irrespective of where their employees are located. The software gives employers access to many activities an employee does during work hours. 

By installing monitoring systems, companies can:

  • Access to employee emails.
  • View how much time they spend on the internet.
  • Know exactly which sites they visit during work hours.
  • Monitor keystroke activity to alert employers when an employee’s station is idle for too long.
  • Track the time taken to complete a particular assignment or project.
  • Track working hours.
  • Can alert employers when staff spend working hours on social media websites.
  • Use GPS to track companies vehicles, especially if they have a large fleet.
  • Gain information about where and how sensitive information is being shared.
  • Prevent illegal online activities.

Employee monitoring is done by installing software on the company’s device or on the employee’s device that is used for official purposes. Created for the very purpose, the software comes with many features that give employers the upper hand. Employee time tracking software is also used by most enterprises to track the working hours of their staff. 

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Irrespective of how the procedure is implemented, employee monitoring is a sensitive and delicate matter that needs to be handled with professionalism. As per the law, it is mandatory to inform the entire workforce about the details of the surveillance and how it will be implemented. 

Employers wielding this power also have the responsibility of delivering the information most ethically and professionally such that it does not incite chaos or confusion. 

Ways and means to inform employees of the implementation of employee time tracking software


Dissemination of information via emails is one of the most common methods used in large-scale corporations. However, emails may not be welcomed by smaller businesses with informal culture. It may come off as a rude or sudden announcement that does not care for the employee’s opinion in the matter. Even in large businesses, not all employees will have access to emails. 


Handbooks are common in many companies. They contain vital information such as company policies, the rights of the employer and the employee, the do’s and don'ts, etc. All the details about employee monitoring can be added to the already existing handbook via a memo, or fresh ones can be printed and distributed. It will also come in handy for new employees to be well-informed about the process.


Meetings are much more personal and may have a better impact than other methods. In large companies, the heads of the respective departments can be called upon to pass on the information to their teams. This method will have positive effects if the team heads share a good relationship with their team members. As a one-on-one session, team leaders can openly clarify their doubts, share their opinions or even make valuable suggestions. 

Group or individual discussions

When the employer relationship with the staff is already volatile, informing them about constant surveillance is like stirring the hornet’s nest. Under such circumstances, it is always better to directly talk to the employees rather than resorting to other formal methods. Earning the trust of every member on the payroll is very important and unless there is direct interaction, monitoring may not be successful.

Image showing the employee directory of a company by employee tracker software

Important points to keep in mind while informing employees about workplace surveillance

  • There should be no bias and prejudice in the process. All staff, irrespective of the work hierarchy should be monitored equally.
  • Staff should be informed about all how they will be monitored.
  • The process should be implemented for the safety of the company and its employees, and not to suppress the staff in any way. 
  • Employees should have the reassurance that restrooms and changing rooms are not under surveillance

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