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Promoting Employee Wellness With Digital Tools

Over the past decade, business owners have realised one important aspect: A happy workforce = Better business. In other words, employee wellness is equal to employee productivity.  It is a successful formula for all businesses because they know that both aspects are strongly correlated. Without employee wellness, there is no productivity.

Employee wellness boils down to one aspect for business owners: Ensuring that their workforce is happy and healthy. But the term, Employee wellness stretches far beyond the realms of the physical well-being of the workforce. It is multidimensional. The term encompasses the mental, social, and emotional well-being of the workforce.

Businesses are ready to invest in resources to support their staff's holistic wellness. It is an effort that pays off well. There are many ways to augment this support for wellness. Tech tools are now playing a major role in supporting employee well-being. An employee  tracking software, for instance, can reveal crucial data that indicates where an employee needs support. This tech-focused approach is gratifying and incredibly effective, especially now, with remote working being the new norm.

Safeguarding Remote Worker's Wellness With Tech support

With remote working, the opportunities to build, maintain and boost positive support have dwindled. For the staff, the boundaries between work and life have eroded further with the crippling uncertainty of the pandemic.

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Business leaders know that their employees need moral and emotional support now more than ever. To address this issue proactively, they are pre-empting major work stressors. The focus now is on promoting self-care values and healthy work-life boundaries with technology.  Here are some of the ways employee monitoring software is helping augment employee well-being:

Consistent monitoring

With reliable employee monitoring software at their disposal, businesses can keep a close watch on employee productivity. The software brings to fore every little aspect of an employee's work efficiency. The benefits an employee monitoring software offers to remote workers include:

  • Boosts employee performance and productivity

  • Helps in the efficient management of the workload

  • Encourages to stay focused despite the various distractions

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The factors that invariably promote the emotional and mental well-being of employees are:

Time boundaries

Sometimes, remote working can lead to a lack of definitive time boundaries between office hours and personal life. This chaotic schedule can be highly unproductive. It can lead to delays in work, diminished work efficiency, and eventually mental stress.

Relying on employee time-tracking software helps to mark boundaries to restrict work hours. Having a window of time allows employees to prepare ahead, start refreshed and stay focussed. It also encourages them to complete the day's schedule, log off, and concentrate on their personal life.

Mitigating stress

Workplace stress has wreaked havoc across businesses. It is a major contributor to adverse mental and physical health. Due to stress, many employees resort to unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking, which only worsens their health.

One of the best ways to mitigate stress is to harness technological power to balance and monitor workloads. Productivity tools and communication and project management software also play distinctive roles in helping to reduce workplace stress.

Managerial KPIs

There is more to a set of Key Performance Indicators than just mere performance metrics. They are vital indicators that help track employee wellness. Businesses are establishing KPIs to encourage smarter working rather than stressful working. Some of them are:

  • Employee surveys

  • Attendance tracking

  • Infographic productivity displays

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Employee communication

Being there for your employees

Employee wellness is the need of the hour. For business leaders, it is essential to support the workforce without any compromise. A progressive business will leave no stone unturned to ensure the holistic wellness of its precious workforce.

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