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Why Employee Productivity Matters

The success of any organisation is tied to its employees and the way they work. Every employee is an asset and an investment. Their productivity is what keeps the organisation running like a well-oiled machine. Employee productivity has to be a consistent process. Any hindrance can end in an unwanted wastage of human and capital resources for the management. It is one of the many reasons why it is imperative to monitor employee productivity. There are many proven ways to track employee productivity, irrespective of the number of employees and where they are located. Let's take a look at them.

Proven Measures For Monitoring Employee Productivity

  • Set clear benchmarks

To start with, all employees must be given a definitive set of benchmarks to work upon. These benchmarks can be both common and task-related. Each one should have a deadline to encourage timely completion. Benchmarks can also be used to :

 Break down lengthy assignments and projects

 Track employees progress for specific tasks

 Simplify the work for the employees

Collect crucial data for future projects

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  • Define KPIs for each role

KPIs are dependable metrics that also shed light on underperforming staff and on those who contribute significantly to organisational growth. Every job has its unique metrics and Key Performance Indicators, from sales to software development and team management. Hence, it makes no sense to rely on a specific set of KPIs. Many organisations are resorting to employee monitoring software to gather diverse KPI results and measure productivity.

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  • Monitor tasks, not time

Using time as a parameter to measure employee productivity is an industrial-age mindset. Instead, track your employee productivity by measuring the number of tasks they have taken and completed. This data is a parameter of their efficiency, which further helps to:

 Evaluate the work capacity of an employee in a day.

 Observe the productivity rate and modify the current criteria.

 Optimise productivity with the right tech tools, support, and motivation.

Facilitate the setting up of a standard time for each task.


  • Use employee monitoring software

Relying on an employee monitoring software is the best solution for tracking employee productivity. The time-tracking tool is an important feature of employee monitoring software that keeps track of office hours. Attendance tracking monitors the log-in and log-out times and the time taken for breaks. The software effectively brings all remote and in-house employees under a single platform, thus eliminating the need for multiple solutions.

  • Monitor digital activities

In the current scenario, no work can be done without the internet. Employees need to be online to collaborate, communicate and complete their work. But, the internet is also a huge distraction. When employees spend eight or nine hours with their devices, it is easy for them to give in to the distraction. A few minutes of unnecessary digital activity can snowball into a few hours, which can do enough damage to hamper productivity.

To curtail unwanted digital activity, employers can block the use of certain URLs and social media platforms on the company devices and the Wifi. Also, employee monitoring software has different solutions to monitor remote workers using their own devices. The software takes random screenshots of the employee's screen, which are scrutinised by a supervising team. The software also tracks all the websites visited by the employee during work hours.

  • Rely on a reporting system

A robust reporting system helps you stay right on schedule and track. The daily or weekly reports should include:

 Weekly timesheets

 Monthly assignments

 Daily tasks

 Completed tasks

 Pending tasks

 Weekly plans

 Bottlenecks and risks

Project management tools and employee monitoring software can give you accurate reports. These reports help to know if your employees are powering your business on the right track.

Implement HRAPP To Measure Your Employee Productivity

By measuring your employee productivity, you also measure your progress towards your goals. Implementing an established employee monitoring system like HRAPP Activity Tracker is the best way to ensure that every step you take is accurate and result-oriented.

HRAPP is a comprehensive HR management platform that helps companies effectively manage their human resources. Empowered with cutting-edge technology, our cloud-based employee monitoring software is what every company needs to achieve optimum productivity. Allow us to help you reach your business goals. Get in touch with us today!

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