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Dispelling The Myths About Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software is an indispensable component for businesses worldwide. The tool is a godsend for companies struggling to monitor employees working remotely, from homes and offices. Today, it serves as an inherent necessity driven by global business demands and ever-changing regulatory requirements. Despite the numerous benefits, many businesses are still wary of implementing employee tracking software. There are endless debates and misconceptions that question its necessity. Many times, employees are plagued by the fallacy that the software is a spying tool.

This myth is just the tip of the iceberg. We list the myths and explain the realities to dispel the apprehensions about employee monitoring software.

Myths And Realities About Using Employee Monitoring Software

It is an invasion of privacy

Employees tend to think the software hampers their privacy during office hours. This myth is one of the foremost hurdles preventing organisations from using the software. In reality, businesses usually implement the software usage fairly and transparently.

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To prioritise privacy, it is the management's responsibility to be completely transparent and upfront about the program. Transparency is key to earning employee's trust. All monitored staff members are informed via email or an official policy.  Employee monitoring does not intrude upon privacy; rather, it helps to stay focused and productive.


It indicates distrust

The next big myth is that employee monitoring signifies a lack of trust in employees and their work. It is just the stark opposite. Monitoring helps to:

 Understand workflow to gain insightful data-based feedback.

 Understand team performance, their strengths and weaknesses.

 Gain visibility about workload distribution and capacity.

 Identify overworked and underworked employees.

 Identify and resolve workflow bottlenecks at the right time.

 Enable timely preventable action for internal conflicts and burnouts.


Image showing the employee directory of a company by employee tracker software

It only benefits the employers

In reality, employee monitoring is a win-win situation for both sides. The various tools support the seamless expansion of remote work opportunities. Geographical location is no longer a restriction, and employers are ready to hire candidates from any part of the world. Thanks to employee monitoring, long, stressful commutes have become a thing of the past. Employee benefits don't end here. The insightful feedback provided by the tool helps for self-evaluation and improvement. It also facilitates fair promotions and timely incentives.

It is only for employees the management doesn't trust

Employee monitoring is for everyone. There is no prejudice about who comes under the scanner. Fair implementation of the practice is an unspoken rule. Here's what is likely to happen if organisations aren't upfront about monitoring:

 It will not picture the overall productivity, risks, and pitfalls faced by the organisation.

 It causes irreparable trust issues that can subsequently damage the goodwill of the company.

There is only one way to make employee monitoring work to everyone's advantage, and that is to be upfront about it. Besides, when employees are aware of the software, they are less likely to indulge in risky behaviours.

Image depicting a person analysing the employee monitoring software data

It hurts employee morale

On the contrary, employee monitoring bolsters employee confidence, fortifies their dedication, and improves their workflow. On the employer's side, this practice fosters a better understanding of their workforce requirements. This mutual understanding helps build a productive workforce that is constantly motivated by their employers.

It is only for remote employees

Not at all. It is for every employee, irrespective of where they work from. Restricting monitoring software only for remote employees robs the organisation of the opportunity to see the entire picture. It is impossible to understand organisational workflow and real productivity levels with insufficient data. It can also lead to unwanted risks for the organisation.

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