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The rising trend of employee monitoring

If companies had been mulling over the decision to implement employee monitoring, the work-from-home norm and remote working brought on by the pandemic have reinforced the reasons to make employee surveillance a mandatory aspect. 

The rising trend has triggered a big influx of employee monitoring software into the market. Before businesses take the plunge, it is important to understand the type of tracking software that is available and the features they come with. Furthermore, it is crucial to be well-versed in the laws that pertain to employee surveillance and the nuances of using the software. 

 This article explores the various points that companies should analyze before investing in employee monitoring software.

Employee monitoring software: How to choose the most suitable one for your business

Define your business goals

The first step to choosing a tracking software is to establish the goals and objectives of the business. This is a crucial step because employee monitoring will influence the business objectives in one way or another. Hence, companies must ask themselves these questions:

  • What are the business objectives?
  • How will employee monitoring support the workflow to attain the goals?
  • Will it be beneficial for the business and the employees? 
  • Will it be accepted by the employees?
  • Will it be possible to implement employee monitoring strictly for the benefit of the business objectives?

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The answers to the above questions the selection, the implementation and the usage of the software. 

Analyze the employee monitoring software market

No company will jump the bandwagon without carefully analysing what they are choosing, because it is an additional investment. Many tracking software available in the market is studded with too many features to make their software look attractive. However, these features might not always deliver what they promise. They can consume a lot of resources and slow down the computer system. Some features may not even align with the company’s workflow. 

As a rule of thumb, it is important to analyse the effectiveness of the features rather than their numbers. 

Make a list of the popular names of employee monitoring software providers

It is a well-known fact that experienced software vendors will offer reliable products. To narrow down the choices, companies can peruse review sites or lookup Google for personal reviews about the product. The aspects to look for in a review site are the software’s transparency, safety, and effectiveness. Another way is to rely on expert guidance to get a broader perspective of the software. 

Image showing the employee directory of a company by employee tracker software

Make direct contact with the software providers

If companies are willing to invest a pricey sum for the implementation of the monitoring software, it is better to ask the short-listed providers and vendors to present their product directly to the company. This will also shed light on the responsiveness of the vendor and how reliable they will be when there’s a problem with the implementation. 

Aspects to look for in an employee monitoring software

Anything that is added to the workflow of the business should augment its growth rather than impede it. The same rule applies to the implementation of employee monitoring software. The process has to be scalable and evolves with the company. The following basic aspects are a must for a good employee monitoring software:

  • Transparency 

Implementation of employee monitoring software can be a huge change for the workforce. It is a process that needs to be handled with care and utmost transparency. The software that you choose must be implemented without bias and supported by well-defined monitoring policies. 

  • Versatility 

Employee monitoring software should augment business processes. Good software should be easy to incorporate in all servers and applications that already exist and with those that will be added in the long run. 

Image depicting a person analysing the employee monitoring software data
  • User-friendliness

Installation and use of the software should be seamless and glitch-free. Once installed, the software should not slow down the other technical processes. It is also important to go for a provider who will give updated versions to keep with the flow of the business.

  • Pricing 

Most often, employee monitoring software is priced according to the number of features it has. Some providers also offer free versions that can be used for a limited number of employees. These free versions will offer an experimental perspective of the software and see if it boosts productivity and aligns with the business goals.

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