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Employee Monitoring Software

Analyze Activity; Improve Productivity
A robust employee tracking software that gives you real-time insights into how your employees spend their time. Leverage data intelligence to improve the efficiency of your remote teams!
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Image of report generated by the employee time tracking software on weekly activity, apps & URLs used, random screenshots of remote employees.

Real-time Employee Monitoring Platform in India

The concept of working from home has inevitably become the new standard for offices worldwide. As this new work culture gains momentum, small and medium businesses across India face a new kind of challenge. Managing workforce productivity has become increasingly difficult but an important requirement. This is where HRAPP's Activity Tracker excels because modern problems require modern solutions.

Now get end-to-end visibility on your employee’s tasks. Know how your team members operate - from anywhere! HRAPP’s 360° HR management platform includes a cloud-based Employee Tracking Software that offers a secure portal that enables you to:

  • Learn more about your employees' working styles
  • Get contextual data and insights on employee productivity
  • Determine employee workloads
  • Monitor application usage and browsing habits
  • Foster a culture of transparency and trust
  • Receive critical alerts on the basis of user activity

Empower your teams, impart healthy workplace habits, and optimize processes for superior business success with HRAPP’s Employee Activity Tracker.

How Our Automated Employee Time Tracking Software Works

End-to-end workflow image of the remote employee monitoring software from signup to report generation.

Employee Tracking Software

Features That Fuel Success
Armed with powerful capabilities that spell success and growth, our employee tracker software enables you to monitor and measure user activity, effort, and productivity, with the help of in-built subsystems and a comprehensive dashboard.
Time tracker icon

Time Tracker

Allows employees to record their time against assigned tasks and provide status updates through an intuitive desktop application.
Activity tracker icon

Activity Tracker

Captures user’s mouse movements and keystrokes to determine busy times and spot idle periods.
Random screenshots icon

Screen Tracker

Captures random screenshots at regular intervals to track user activity and prevent data breaches. Protect sensitive information using the screen-blur option.
Task tracker icon

Task Tracker

Empowers remote workers with access to an integrated interface to track their tasks from different project management platforms.
Apps & URLs tracker icon

Apps & URL Tracker

Enables you to effectively monitor the time employees spend on specific applications during business hours.
Productivity Insights icon

Productivity Insights

Allows you to assess your remote workforce’s efficiency using individual and team productivity reports. Provides insights that help redefine your policies to enhance delivery outcomes.
IP whitelisting icon

IP Whitelisting

Gives you the flexibility to limit access to your preferred network, data, and applications, no matter if the users are on-premises or with third parties you trust.
Offline data sync icon

Offline Data Sync

Provides support for tracking user activity when they are offline and automatically synchronizes data when they come back online
Manager or team lead view of team activity dashboard of the employee tracking software.

Team Activity Dashboard

Our employee monitoring software comes with a central dashboard that gives you an integrated view of employee tasks and the time spent on them. The system further allows you to generate reports at individual or team levels. You can now obtain better visibility into who is tracking their time and who isn't.

Get all information about your employees’ activity in one comprehensive dashboard.

  • Overall productivity reporting
  • Activity drill down by user
  • Analyze productive behaviors for KPI
  • Screenshot preview by hour
  • Offline Data Sync

User Activity Dashboard

Our employee time tracker is squarely focused on user productivity and provides your employees with actionable insights to help them consistently meet expectations. Thus, it leads them towards self-management of their performance. With real-time tracking of user activity, you can now identify employee burn-outs and offer time-offs or breaks to mitigate stressful conditions.

Empower your employees to get a measure of their performance against their targets.

  • Individual Activity Metrics
  • Daily and Weekly Effort Reporting
  • Screenshot Preview
  • Offline Data Sync
Employee view of user activity dashboard provided by the screen monitoring software.
Snapshot of Apps & URLs tracker report generated by the productivity monitoring software

Apps & URLs Tracker

The App & URL tracking mechanism allows you to keep track of the productive and unproductive applications and websites that your remote workers use. Backed by this intelligence, you will now be able to eliminate unnecessary license costs and optimize resource utilization.

Identify trends in software and web application usage and optimize application licensing costs.

  • App usage-based metrics
  • URL tracking
  • Productive vs. unproductive applications
  • Top Apps and URLs

Task Tracker

The task tracker is yet another convenient tool to keep tabs on the daily tasks of your employees. Additionally, you can integrate your choice of task management solutions and get a holistic view of the time tracked against different tasks. With an accurate timesheet, the software facilitates easy effort reconciliation before invoicing your clients.

Keep all your task-related information in one place, and avoid losing key metrics and priorities.

  • Integrate with any task management solution
  • Manage multiple projects
  • Eliminate manual billing
  • Manage teams at the project level
Task tracker dashboard view as part of employee monitoring

HRAPP Remote Employee Monitoring Software

Powerful Integrations for Unified Experience
Streamline your processes and make them a whole lot easier. Integrate our employee tracking software with task management platforms of your choice and simplify project and workforce management.
logos of task management tools integrated with user activity monitoring software

Workforce Productivity Monitoring Software

Gain Insights with Reports and Dashboards
Get valuable insights on employee productivity using our desktop application. Our productivity monitoring tool enables you to align your KPI for individuals and project teams. With our intuitive reports and dashboards, you can now identify app and URL usage trends and get detailed metrics of time spent on various tasks and activities. Additionally, you can leverage these data insights to assess the progress or decline in the employee’s performance and take corrective action where needed.
  • Daily Activity Traction Report
  • Metrics on Active and Productive times
  • Team vs. individual performance insights
Image of productivity report created by remote employee monitoring softwareSignup for demo
Login view of HRAPP user activity tracker, the desktop client
Snapshot of the HRAPP employee activity tracking desktop client

Download the Employee Monitoring software for Linux, Windows, or Mac

(Talk to us to custom build your desktop monitoring software)
Download desktop monitoring tool for WindowsDownload screen monitoring software for LinuxDownload screen monitoring software for Mac

Simple and Flexible pricing options

Starts with  112.49 per user per month
Pay Per Usage
Leverage our usage-based pricing model to go with what you want without being tied to long-term contracts.
High-Volume Discounts
Enjoy pricing discounts as your usage increases, and be assured that you always pay a fair price.
Committed Use Discounts
Get in touch with us for access to additional discounts when you can commit to a defined minimum usage plan.
Vector images of the features of remote employee monitoring software

Most Reliable Employee Tracker Software

Promote a productive work culture in your remote teams! Ensure work is actually accomplished without any supervision. Workforce productivity can be accelerated by 2x with HRApp Employee Monitoring Software! Want to know how?
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Employee Time Tracking Software FAQs

Employee monitoring software is a digital tool used by organizations to automatically track employee activities such as attendance, productivity, internet usage, time spent on tasks, and details about computer and software use. The software allows employers to legally supervise and monitor all company-owned devices as well as remote employees.
The initial setup and installation of our employee tracking software can be completed in ten minutes. Once the employees familiarize themselves with the process, they will find it easy to use the tracker every day during work hours.
Our remote employee monitoring tool is compatible with laptops and desktop computers running on Microsoft Windows 7 and above, OS X, 10.13 High Sierra, and Linux.
Screenshots are taken without alerting the user. However, HRAPP’s web application version of the Activity Tracking software allows users to view the screenshots and blur their screens if they handle sensitive business information on their devices.
Yes, HRAPP allows you to track and review not only the applications used by your employee but also the time spent on each application. With HRAPP's screen monitoring software, organizations can categorize productive applications from unproductive ones.
HRAPP's screen capture option is an important feature of our user activity monitoring software. It gives admins the freedom to enable screenshots or disable the feature if they deem it unnecessary.
HRAPP is a very simple and user-friendly application. Our employee productivity monitoring software comes with a demo video that clearly guides users on installing and activating the software on the employee’s computer.
Not at all. HRAPP tracks only the keystrokes, mouse movements, internet usage, and application usage. Our employee activity tracker has an autonomous monitoring solution that provides employers with details about the time spent by users on productive applications.
We provide the most comprehensive customer support for our activity tracking software, including installation, configuration, and post-installation technical support. You will be assigned a personal liaison who will help resolve all your queries.
Yes, your employees can work without any disturbance because our employee monitoring tool is designed to silently monitor the computer and keyboard usage only when the time tracker is running.
Yes, it can. Our desktop monitoring software tracks keyboard and mouse activity and internet usage on multiple screens. The screenshots will be captured from the primary display.
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