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Attendance Software

November 21, 2018

An employee attendance software system has an important place in today. The profitability and productivity of the company having reliable employees attendance tracking in the attendance software help the company grow in their respective niche.

HRAPP software is an ideal and efficient operation to provide you with real-time data. Similarly using HRAPP software employee can enroll their day to day attendance. Admin can monitor all the employees in a real-time and identify their location with the help of Geo Tacking.

Attendance Enrollment Attendance software

 HRAPP Simplest way to enroll your daily attendance.

This software is compatible with desktop and mobile.

Just enroll your attendance in a single click and show you are present.

Notification will be sent to your leading person via email and HRAPP.

Biometric Integration with HRAPP Attendance Software

To avoid a manual error, automation is important, Who leaves early? and Who comes late? those details can find with biometric integration in HRAPP attendance software.


Bio Metrics

Late Punch

Do your employees coming late to the office daily

Don’t worry HRAPP  have an option for the latecomers. You can configure the late attendance option as per your company policy and find the employee paid leave based on their presence in the office.

Do you want to be ahead

Here set the real time notification. The manager will get a notification via email after the clock in and clock out. 

Track the Location

Tracking the employee attendance in the software is the simplest way to handle.

Superiors can check the employees are in the office or in the field and this will improve the productivity of the team. 

The manager can control by letting them view real time information in Desktop, Tab, & Mobile Workspace.

Google Map

HRAPP is an HR management solution with everything you require to build a happier, productive, and efficient workforce. Tracking employee productivity has never been so easy. Check out our cloud-based desktop monitoring software is easy to set up and use


  • Feature in HRAPP is reported.
  • If you would like to know the exact check in and check out details you can fetch the data’s from the attendance report.
  •   you can take the attendance shortage report for all the employees.
  • In conclusion, it is important to track the employee's attendance in HRAPP.
  • All the above benefits of attendance software will give you more productivity of the company.

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