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Eight ways to avoid micromanaging your remote team

July 7, 2020
Eight ways to avoid micromanaging your remote team

It has become a common understanding that no one likes to have micromanaged. That is a boss breathing over an employee’s neck, all the time. But what if you are the one doing micromanaging? Like most micromanagers, you may miss the indicators of yourself doing it and apply the same intensity, scrutiny, and in your approach to every task performed by your remote team members, whether warranted or not. It is harming your team’s morale and – ultimately – their productivity.


Trust your employees

Every boss needs to trust their employee’s judgment as they are mostly in the front lines and might have access to the real-time idea and may need to make individual decisions on-the-spot. Hence a certain degree of autonomy might help them make appropriate decisions as soon as possible and keep the business process fast.


Have consistency in follow-ups with a remote workforce

It is essential to give employees freedom, but specific follow-ups rather than checks might keep the management aware of what is happening. Rather than cc’d the boss in every mail, just keeping them in the loop for external stakeholders, might be helpful.


Have a matured management approach

Give your employees real power, and a sense of autonomy, a mature management approach based on modern philosophies. Managers can focus on corporate and business level strategies, while the lower staff is responsible for their ends. Presently due to Covid-19 and even before that, work from home and work-life balance approach has shown improvements in productivity levels. Thus, managers may need to decentralize autonomy and avoid micromanaging.


Having a very defined expectation of outcome

Clear and concise written objectives can help achieve defined results and lead to things move smoothly rather than becoming points of confusion between staff and manager for the previous coming back, repeatedly with further queries.


Share feedback often with remote team

Performance should be analyzed, and feedback on job performance can help employees know their deficiencies and strengths so that they could improve their performances and be relieved about what they are good at, thus clearing self-doubt. Feedback also creates a sense of belonging. It is vital for mentorship, but if kept to the necessary level rather than at all turn when it can be a constant reminder of one’s failures and might lead to stress and result in fall of productivity levels.


Have clear communication expectations

A concise and defined organizational structure can help improve communication expectations. As employees, supervisors, managers, and directors have highlighted direct communication lines with, when. What to report to whom, they can help employees with set guidelines to approach their seniors rather than remaining in self-doubt to engage them.


Give firm deadlines and guide them to accomplish

Set deadlines rather than continually asking them are way more professional and autonomous. Employers can concentrate on their responsibility and their subordinates on their tasks rather than continually asking them and saving time, causing stress to the assistants and affecting their long-term productivity.

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