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The Beneficial Side Of Employee Time Tracking

June 4, 2021
The employee time tracking software provides a manager with all of the team members' details.

Employees keep a company running. That’s why unproductive or lazy workers cost a hefty amount to businesses. Fortunately, technology has found an easy solution to this conundrum – employee tracking.

An employee time tracking software can either track them via GPS on phones or monitor their computer. With the right tracking app, companies in India can prevent wastage of resources. This includes work hours wasted by employees, data breaches, and inefficient business workflows.

Let’s unwrap why any Indian business should invest in an employee tracking app!

Keeps An Eye On Attendance & Makes Payroll Simpler

First things first, employee tracking software is easy to use. After you log in, you can remotely check which employee is late, on leave, or available for work. You don’t have to make any physical effort.

Next, be it a contract worker or a salaried employee, attendance is crucial. It is even more imperative when managing a remote team. With a tracking app, you stay on top of who is working and who is on leave automatically. The software monitors attendance for you.

With automated attendance comes the second advantage of accurate and simpler payroll processing. Manual payroll can have errors when you’re calculating daily attendance. The tracking software eliminates the chance of mistakes as it accurately captures monthly attendance. So, calculating the billable hours of freelancers or the pay of a contract worker is straightforward.

Allows Real-Time Tracking Of Activities, URL Usage, And More

There are numerous beneficial sides to employee time tracking software, but the biggest is monitoring real-time activity. A manager can check how an employee spent his or her work hours using the automated screenshot feature.

By being aware of this, managers can prevent bottlenecks. They can also prioritize tasks based on which employee is best suited for them. As a result, they can maximize productivity.

Another reason businesses in India must invest in employee tracking software is URL tracking. The app allows you to check which apps and sites employees are accessing during their workday. It also records the number of hours spent on a productivity app.

This information is useful to determine the overall use of apps by employees, allowing you to remove any that are not being utilized. The same feature also gives you a fair idea of which documents the team is accessing.

One more benefit of employee time tracking is better project management. Knowing the schedule and capacity of your team members gives you valuable insight. It delivers you the tools to estimate the timeline of each project. You can better allocate resources based on previous data. This enables you to keep projects within budget and take on any new work confidently.

Improves Productivity, Retention, And Management

A tracking app monitors the productivity of an individual as well as a team against specific time intervals. This data empowers you to analyze the throughput of each employee and the team. Consequently, you can improve and amplify the efficiency of the entire business by working on weak areas.

An indirect benefit of tracking productivity is performance analysis, which can help in employee retention. For instance, when a manager assesses the real-time activity and productivity graphs of an employee, they can spot mistakes or opportunities missed.

They can also pinpoint when the employee was most productive or helpful. In both cases, they get evidence-based data that is useful during performance appraisal. Thereby they can offer perks and raises to the best employees, ensuring that they are retained.

A last but essential advantage of employee tracking apps is managing remote teams. Today’s businesses are not limited to one geographical boundary. A company in India might have employees in the US or vice versa. The result is a team working in different time zones.

It proves to be a challenge for managers because keeping an eye on someone working at a twelve-hour difference is hard. A tracking tool takes care of this problem. It monitors remotely based employees during their working hours. A manager can easily check how much time someone devoted to their work through the tool, no matter which part of the globe they are located in!

To sum up:

COVID-19 has made remote working mandatory. So much so that many businesses have made work from home permanent. This new way of working has made employee time tracking software essential. Tools like this amplify productivity and increase revenue generation.
We at HRApp, offer an employee monitoring suite that any organization can utilize to reap innumerable benefits. So, when you’re ready to invest in more industrious and happier employees, get in touch!

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