Employee Self Service

Empower your employees and managers by enabling them to execute common HR tasks. Whether it is approving a promotion , managing their team, viewing a pay slip or initiating a ‘life event’, your employees can leverage the self-service in HRAPP- HRMS and Payroll Software.


    Verbal trade between management and workers which rewards them for achieving special pursuits or producing immoderate high-quality final result in the office. Recognizing or honoring staff for this degree of provider is supposed to inspire repeat movements, via reinforcing the behavior you want to look repeated.HRAPP assist in maintaining them easily.


    Many employers provide staff paid depart, akin to trip, paid day without work, and sick go away as part of their advantages package deal to allow workers to recharge their batteries and to deal with existence’s little downturns and with HRAPP never have any miscalculations.


    Use business administration everyday’s practical advice for writing worker stories and conducting performance critiques. Don’t disregard to reference our sample performance review and worker analysis varieties for your possess staff assessments.


    Picking the areas the place organizations have got to support their capabilities most is an primary step in any trade effort. Such a skill is necessary peculiarly in times of cost-reducing—the place restricted coaching resources must be used to close the important competency gaps that hinder businesses from assembly industry pursuits.

  • MEMO

    A memo serves as a record that companies use for speakme techniques, suggesting options and retaining staff and executives up to date regarding organizational issues.

Time & Attendance

Improve accuracy with HRAPP – HRMS and Payroll Software and get important data that helps you manage labor costs effectively. Allow employees to clock in and out on the go with the biometric integrated web app and mobile apps.


    Biometrics science can be utilized as a style of worker time administration approach on the grounds that the fact that of its capability to respect people’s specific physiological traits. Biometrics based time and attendance terminals are becoming increasingly general in today’s market seeing that of their many advantages


    Employease leave management helps Finance and HR Departments sleep better at night figuring out that their leave packages are efficaciously managed and accurately tracked.


Payroll services are designed to simplify the payroll process and effortlessly scale as your business grows. The core application handles payroll and absence processing and enables you to fine-tune the components for accurate calculation of benefits and tax.


    Income tax is withheld from the pay of most staff. Your pay involves your commonplace pay, bonuses, commissions, and vacation allowances. It also entails reimbursements and different price allowances paid beneath a non-responsible plan. See Supplemental Wages, later, for extra expertise about reimbursements and allowances paid below a non-in charge plan.


    It’s often critical for an worker to incur certain expenditures with the intention to behavior business on a daily foundation. riding a private vehicle to run enterprise errands or make earnings calls is often quintessential, but it can be a costly cost if a staff member has to pay for it on his possess.


    Generating employee payslips in HRAPP requires minimal effort. Worker payslips may also be generated or reverted with a single click on. And in view that the depart software procedure is performed inside HRAPP, the user producing or approving the employee payslips can swiftly entry and think about the go away records of the workers to make certain that the deductions are remitted properly. earlier than you generate a payslip, make certain you have delivered the critical payroll categories.


    Employee Provident Fund is a retirement improvement applicable only to salaried employees. it’s a fund to which both the employee and company make contributions 12 per cent of the former’s normal cash amount each and every month. This percentage is pre-set by the government and HRAPP continually keeps track of it.

  • LOAN

    When a corporation lends cash to considered one among its employees, the enterprise will debit the asset account Loans to employees and can credit score rating the asset account money HRAPP helps in managing them successfully


    Shift work happens in a piece time table that makes use of 24 hours a day and on occasion, 7 days per week, to maintain an institution running. Shift work occurs whenever 24 hour coverage is imperative or when a 24 hour day optimizes work output and productivity. HRAPP manages them and allocate slots as a consequence.


    A bonus cost is generally made to staff moreover to their base income as part of their wages or earnings.HRAPP presents a computerized calculation of bonus for every department consistent with the corporation coverage.


    All employers need to have employee liability insurance in order that if any individual employed within the trade is injured or becomes sick given that of the work they are doing, they’ll be competent to be compensated.Keep it updated routinely with HRAPP.


    With a advance salary, worker repay it either out of employees subsequent paycheck or over an agreed time span.HRAPP manages it readily.


    A employee commission is a sum of money paid to an worker upon completion of a venture, most of the time promoting a specific number of items or offerings. Employers typically use profits commissions as incentives to boost worker productivity. A fee may be paid moreover to a sales or instead of a sales.With HRAPP at your disposal you shouldn’t have received to calculate any of them.


    When any individual, whether or not a creditor or investor, asks you how your enterprise is doing, you’ll need to have the answer ready and documented. the way to show off the success of your manufacturer is a balance sheet. A balance sheet is a documented report of your organization’s belongings and tasks, as good because the residual possession claims in opposition to your equity at any given point in time. it’s a cumulative file that reflects the effect of all recorded accounting transactions because your organization was once fashioned.With HRAPP its just a click on away.

Taxation & Compliance

Taxation and Compliance module takes care of all central and state government taxation along with compliance of various regulatory requirements like ESI, PF & PT.All statutory deductions for PF, ESI, Professional tax, TDS, etc. are automatically handled by the payroll software as per law. Of course, you can further tune a variety of parameters to make this suit the specific needs of your company.You can also generate all the required reports like PF ECR file, ESI Returns, PT reports of all states and TDS returns without having to do any additional work

  • PF

    Employee Provident Fund is a retirement improvement applicable only to salaried employees. it’s a fund to which both the employee and company make contributions 12 per cent of the former’s normal cash amount each and every month. This percentage is pre-set by the government and HRAPP continually keeps track of it.

  • ESI

    This fund is managed with the aid of the ESI corporation (ESIC) in step with rules and laws stipulated there within the ESI Act 1948, which oversees the provision of clinical and cash advantages to the workers and their loved ones through its huge community of branch workplaces, dispensaries and hospitals throughout India which is protected thoroughly via HRAPP

  • PT

    Professional Tax is the tax charged by way of the state governments in India. any one incomes an revenue from revenue or anybody practising a career such as chartered accountant, lawyer, healthcare professional and so on. are required to pay this reputable tax.With HRAPP records and tax deductions are maintained properly.

  • Tax Declaration

    Employees can upload their tax declaration directly into HRAPP for the approval.

  • HRA Declaration

    Employees can upload their HRA declaration directly into HRAPP for the approval.

Documents and Compliance Forms

HRAPP provides the Document creation feature and the Compliance froms download within the application for user convinence.


    HRAPP allows you to create custom letter like Appointment letter , Experience letter etc .. within the application and mail it to the employee or print them directly . Just create a template and generate a letter when ever you need it .


    Compliance forms available for business taxpayers includes forms for Offers in Compromise, and some Business Tax Refund forms. All the forms are updated when there is any new change so that HRAPP users can download all of them in a single place .


    Genarate Form 16 , 12BA , 24Q within the application for every finincial year with just a click of a button .

Intuitive Reports

Reports and analytics are simple to build, simple to deploy, and simple to use. HRAPP helps to close the gap between insight and action


    It is the managers accountability to observe attendance, make sure that go away reviews are completed and signed for all employees in department, and be given a return to work evaluation and lodging requirement and HRAPP is the perfect tool for that job.


    Consolidated report of entire payroll system with total expenditure and taxation was generated by HRAPP


    HR application can put giant quantities of knowledge at the fingertips of HR experts, now not all corporations want—or want—to run enormously problematic human resources experiences. instead, many select to hold it easy in the case of reporting, specializing in one subject that influences all corporations, it doesn’t matter what their size or enterprise HRAPP is familiar with you flawlessly and only provide what you want.


    One of the major recruiting questions a manufacturer can ask: How long does it take to fill every open role? finally, every day a position is left open, the organization is both shedding money or now not addressing a business predicament. as a consequence, the rapid recruiters can fill positions, the easier they can serve the industry as a whole.HRAPP can keep your time with its predictions.

Back Office Assistance


No text description is better than a hands on experience check our demo to witness the productivity of HRAPP.

Back Office Support Solutions helps to remove the burden of payroll processing from your business through our fully integrated payroll services for organizations of all size


    HRAPP – HRMS and Payroll Software team will assist you in each and every step during your initial setup.


    Stuck or made an error during payslip generation HRAPP – HRMS and Payroll Software team will provide you full guidance until your problem is resolved,


    Need a feature unique to your line of work , not to worry HRAPP – HRMS and Payroll Software team can fulfill your requirements.