HRAPP Frequently Asked Questions

Yes , HRAPP provide custom reports, contact our support and tell your requirements and they will provide the solution ASAP.
Yes , as soon as you upgrade to the next higher plan; features would be automatically enabled for the entire organization.
Yes, Users can check in from mobile with automatic geotagging enabled based on defined location. This feature is enabled only in the premium version of mobile app.
Yes, We provide encryption during transit and at rest. A highly available and secure infrastructure is used in a global location with strict data privacy laws.
Yes, HRAPP On-premise instances can be hosted in the customer data center and technical support provided remotely for any issues. Customer would be provided with steady state support document to assist with the Business As Usual processes. Only for employees above 5000.
Yes, HRAPP provides mobile application for all major platforms. It is available for free in app stores for download and use.
Yes, you can use HRAPP on multiple devices at the same time.
Use the option ‘Forgot Password’ on the login screen of the application to generate new passwords. You can enter your email id and the new password will be sent to the provided email id. You can then log in using your email address and new password.
Software as a service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet—as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, you simply access it via the Internet, freeing yourself from complex software and hardware management.
Yes, Customization of existing features and new features can be  added after the initial due diligence and requirements gathering for an extra cost.
Yes, We have the option of an obligation free trial for one month. During this time you can try our product and assess its capability for your business requirements.
Yes, We provide onsite support for an additional cost. Travel , accommodation cost and incidental expenses would be claimed from customer on actuals.
Yes , We provide all necessary support for initial setup and it is free if there are no requirements for migrating historical data from another product.
No , As HRAPP is a cloud version, all upgrades to the product are done free of cost.
No, Any new feature request that helps the product to evolve and be robust we will not charge you a penny.  
As an admin you can configure your mail server configuration within HRAPP and all users of HRAPP can access the mailbox to access their emails
Please note that once employees are added, they cannot be deleted. They can either have the status ‘active’ or ‘inactive’. Employees who are inactive cannot log into the application. Most organizations prefer to retain former employees’ data as per global standards.
Yes, we offer discounted annual plans for Paid users. If a user opts to pay for the annual plan, he gets 6 free month of service.
Yes, as a mandatory step in the implementation methodology, Exactlly provides training to your employees. If a trained employee leaves you, and you hire a new person, we can even train your new employee and educate him how to use the system effectively for your business objectives. At Exactlly we have also developed Training Videos where functionality and modules are explained in details, such videos are very well accepted and appreciated by our existing users.