How to transfer EPF claim online when you change your job?

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Those who are switching jobs can claim for EPF transfer online without worrying about the mammoth paperwork needed previously. The welcome move aimed at speedy settlement of claims launched by Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) last year saves lots of paperwork and hassles.

In order to know whether you are eligible for online EPF transfer click here.

For transferring EPF claim online the member has to be registered on Member Portal of EPFO. For detailed process flow of registering into member’s portal click here.

For transferring the claim, the EPFO database must have the address of the previous as well as present member ID’s (P.F. Account Number) and the employer should be registered with the digital signature certificate of his authorised signatories with EPFO.


If you don’t find the member ID in the EPFO database then no need to panic. Check with your employer whether he has submitted the return of Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR) or earlier returns having your member ID. In case, your employer has submitted the ECR then wait for the EPFO to update your member ID in their portal.

You can also make corrections by clicking on the “The following information is incorrect” on the EPFO portal while filing the online transfer. After making corrections, a printout of the PDF format of the letter generated must be taken, duly signed and submitted to the concerned EPFO office through the previous employer. You can also submit the claim for corrections manually through your employer.

So, you can enjoy your new work environment and focus on your new job responsibilities after your job change. Just register yourself with the member portal of EPFO and claim your EPF transfer online.

Retirement fund body EPFO’s subscribers are no longer required to file separate EPF transfer claims using Form-13 after changing jobs as it will now be done automatically.

Now, at the time of joining a new employer, the employees’ can give details of their previous EPF account in new composite F-11 form to give a declaration about their details, a senior official said.

Once the old EPF account details are provided in the F-11 form, the funds will be automatically transferred.

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