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HRAPP is the proud winner of financesonline 2016 Rising star and Great User Experience Award

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HRAPP Finance’s Review Online

Ever since HRAPP was first released on the B2B market, we’ve been working to keep our customers excited and stay in line with technology and time, and that’s something FinancesOnline, one of the most popular business review directories, find particularly impressing in their detailed review of HRAPP.


We are happy to inform you that HRAPP was awarded not one, but two of the prestigious FinancesOnline awards. We won their Great User Experience Award for 2016 and the 2016 Rising Star Award for their top customer support software category. As you can probably guess, our app’s efficiency was recognized both by software experts and customers, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

HRAPP review from finances online

In their HRAPP review, the platform’s SaaS and B2B experts keep a close eye on customer support systems and award the ones that do a great job satisfying user expectations. The Great User Experience Award is usually given to products contributing significantly to the quality of user experience, while the Expert Choice one is based on the experts’ perception of how a particular program meets the current needs of the B2B market, and meets those with rock-solid solutions. FinancesOnline experts were really impressed by HRAPP’s power to gather all conversations from different sources in one convenient location, including as well emails and social media.HRAPP also provides an easy to use UI that enables users to have a seamless HR and payroll operations.  According to them, there aren’t many small business helpdesks that can support management mimicking users’ favorite environment, especially not with such short response time as the one HRAPP can offer.

We accepted the news about both awards with utmost pride and satisfaction and promised to commit ourselves even more to facilitating customer support. We invite all current and prospective clients to expect outstanding service, and even more advanced feature suite from us in the future!

HRAPP Great user experience award 2016

HRAPP Great user experience award 2016

HRAPP Rising star award 2016

HRAPP Rising star award 2016







HRAPP Top 10 Payroll Management Software

HRAPP top 10 payroll software

HRAPP top 10 payroll software

HRAPP also ranks in the position #9 in payroll management software category  .


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