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HRAPP Diwali promo – Offline price for Online HRMS and Payroll

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  Now subscribe for HRAPP and get the Online application for the Offline pricing. The minimum number of employees are 10 for the subscription. Applicable only for the first 50 customers. Subscribe before 18th October to avail this offer, Use the given code to avail this offer. HRDIWALI HRAPP – HRMS and Payroll software is hosting the sale on its website in …

How to transfer EPF claim online when you change your job?

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Those who are switching jobs can claim for EPF transfer online without worrying about the mammoth paperwork needed previously. The welcome move aimed at speedy settlement of claims launched by Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) last year saves lots of paperwork and hassles. In order to know whether you are eligible for online EPF transfer click here. For transferring EPF …


Double tax-free gratuity to ₹20 lakh cleared by Cabinet

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Gratuity may be one of the components of your CTC (cost to company). It is taxed under the head Income from Salaries. Some portion of gratuity received is exempt from tax as per Section 10(10) of the Income Tax Act and we will see how exemption is calculated. Rules relating to Gratuity which is applicable to an Employer are set out in Payment …

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HR Leave policies and best practice

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Through leave management, you can seek a balance between supporting employees well-being and taking firm, fair action against sick pay abuse. A wide range of established methods can help you measure leave, understand how it’s affecting your business, and manage it effectively. Every company needs a leave policy that is exclusively fitted to its need and culture. There are in …


Tutorial for UAN Account Number Registration and Integration into HRAPP

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All that You Need to Know about EPFO’s Universal Account Number (UAN) The Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) introduced some imperative changes in its working philosophy to help agents better manage their provident hold duties. EPFO introduced another structure called Unique Account Number (UAN) which helps specialists manage their provident store accounts without any irritates. Usually, when a laborer leaves …

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ECR Version 2.0 PF (Provident Fund) – Challan Filing Changes

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Employee Provident Fund Office (EPFO) is doing a high-quality job improvising the strategies. First, they released UAN layout for all workers with the intention to stay with a worker for a lifetime between group changes, thereby simplifying his/her PF tracking.And as a predominant step in extra simplifying the strategies for employers, they’ve extended the challan submitting method. As part of …

HRMS Diwali Offer

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The HRAPP Diwali Dash is well and truly underway, with flash sales being conducted every day. All users will be able to participate in the three-day HRAPP sale, where they can subscribe at 60% off on HRAPP for 1 year. HRAPP – HRMS and Payroll software is hosting the sale on its website in India and users can register …

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HRAPP is the proud winner of financesonline 2016 Rising star and Great User Experience Award

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HRAPP Finance’s Review Online Ever since HRAPP was first released on the B2B market, we’ve been working to keep our customers excited and stay in line with technology and time, and that’s something FinancesOnline, one of the most popular business review directories, find particularly impressing in their detailed review of HRAPP. HRAPP AWARDS We are happy to inform you that …

hrapp tax returns

HRAPP Tax returns

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With tax season drawing near and the natural revenue tax refund growing 365 days over yr, it is obvious that you want that refund proper away. IT’S ABOUT TIME YOU fully grasp how one can E-FILE earnings TAX RETURNS Everyone knows that you simply work elaborate to your cash and extra commonly a reimbursement can also be the extra cash …

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HRAPP V1.5 is released !! Enjoy HRAPP free for 6 months with no obligation !!

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We are glad to inform you that HRAPP has been upgraded to V1.5 . On the account of new release HRAPP is free for 6 months with no obligation  to subscribe or buy the product to try out HRAPP V1.5 new features . Click the button below to register for free version. Offer is valid for all Customers who register before August …